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What Faction Are You?

Which Faction Am I?


[X] You know how to operate a gun.

[X] You wear black.
[X] You want to get/have tattoos or piercings. 

[] You are strong. 

[X] You play capture the flag.

[X] You live freely. 

[X] You act quickly. 

Total: 6 


[X] You like helping people.

[] You have a high role in your job/school. 

[] You wear gray a lot. 

[X] You believe in God or some other form of God. 

[ ] You don’t look in a mirror often.

[ ] You don’t like attention. 

[ ] You don’t wear a lot of jewelry.

Total: 2


[ ] You tell the truth often.

[ ] You believe telling the truth is important. 

[ ] You are very organized.

[X] You enjoy debating over things. 

[X] You wear black and white a lot. 

[X] You like to know what people think of you. 

[ ] You rarely lie.

Total: 3


[X] You consider yourself smart.

[X] You get good grades.

[X] Blue is a color you wear a lot. 

[X] You have glasses. 

[] You like it when you have total control.

[X] You read- a lot

[X] You are good with technology.

Total: 6


[X] You are a peaceful person 

[] You always have a smile on your face. 

[ ] You wear yellow and red together. 

[] You eat weird bread. 

[X] You dance. 
[ ] You garden or work on a farm. 

[] You don’t take sides in a fight.

Total: 2

Due to my Dauntless/Erudite tie I guess this makes me….DIVERGENT XD

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